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I used the following image by Bridgette Guerzon Mills as my inspiration for this digital collage page. I loved the neutral colour scheme with pops of red and mix of print transfers, handwriting and doodles.

At the time of drafting this article I was creating the layout in Photoshop, with no firm plans or vision for a finished page in my head at all, so I hope you might find it fun to watch a 'going with the flow' page come together, and my thought processes as I tried to decide what to do when my page was taking me in a different direction.

First of all I gathered up some supplies in a neutral colour scheme with pops of red and picked some stamps that I thought would also complement, I also decided to work with my Artified: Faboosh Layered Template because it would give me the tools to create the print transfers like the ones in the inspiration image. See the end of the article for a full list of all products used and their links.

I always start with my background paper, I decided to go with something with a very subtle pattern to give my page some texture and position it in the most bottom layer of the template. I then clipped another paper to the large paper mask as the main part of my background.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

At this point, I decide that I want some more of the pattern texture from my first paper peeking through, so I change the blending mode from normal to darken on the large paper mask layer that my second paper is clipped to. This removes some of the lighter areas of the paper and allows the pattern of the paper underneath to peek through.

Art Journal Tutorial with Captivated Visions

Now I want to create a print transfer like the one in the inspiration image that was done with dictionary paper, I use my book papers from the I became somebody else collection and clip one of them to the next painted mask layer from my template. I also lower the opacity of the mask a little so the effect is more subtle.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

I use the element placement prompts from the template (and move a few of them around)  to add a few more bits and bobs to my layout, I also clip a kraft paper to painted mask layers for some contrast.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

At this point I'm actually feeling quite un-inspired and need some colour and texture, some more contrast. So I pull out my stamps, some other floral elements (as I love that flower stamp in the inspiration pic) and start to randomly place things until I'm happy with the balance and how it looks. As it happens, I am not happy, the floral element is just not in the right place but I'm showing this peek anyway so you can see how I move on and make changes.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

I decide to move pieces around and pull everything down to the bottom. I am still not sure where I'm going after this!

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

Ok, so now the top area needs some attention as it's not balanced at all. I decide to embellish underneath the bird cage with some more stamps and leave the other space for my journaling. I move the floral arrangement at the bottom (AGAIN!!) and add a splash of colour behind it with some paint.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

I decide that I like the splash of colour and want to carry it through to other areas of the layout to balance the page more, so I duplicate it twice and move it to a spot that feels good. I experiment by rotating and only having partial areas of the layer visible on the layout. Looking better!

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

(Notice how my original thoughts of creating a neutral page with pops of red have gone out of the window . . but I'm sticking with it . . chasing my muse!)

My Page still feels disconnected by a gap that is between the bird cage and the flower collage at the bottom, that gap is just glaring at me, so I add umm yet more colour paint (and also splash a little on the opposite side to bring the colour through the background) a painted flower and a few strips of tape and I'm feeling like that side is complete now.

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

I've added my journaling and was inspired by the multiple placements in the inspiration image so I've added my text in two blocks, one partially hiden. The white flower and bit of brown paint over the floral collage at the bottom just felt wrong to me now my page has developed, so I've taken it off, I've also flipped the doodle frame thingy majiggy and now it feels more balanced. My gut is telling me it's still not quite finished and needs one more edit. The area in the top left hand corner behind the journaling is too bare. Hmmm what to do . .

Art Journal tutorial by Captivated Visions

I ended up using a large fairly solid but textured brush and added one 'stamp' of it on a new layer above the background paper behind my journaling. I clipped a paper to the brush/new mask and then gently erased away some of the detail of the paper by using the same brush but on a 'clear' mode with a very low opacity until I was happy with the amount of colour that was left. I also blended in a notebook paper to finish off the top of that page and finished with some more ink splatters. And with that, I'm DONE!

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

Art Journal Tutorial by Captivated Visions

I hope this inspires you to get creative, and you had fun taking a glimpse into my totally un-organised mind whilst creating!