Art Journal Tips & Inspiration

How you tackle an Art Journal Style Page probably depends on what your current Scrapbooking style is, and what supplies you have to hand.

There are many different styles of Art Journaling and drawing inspiration from actual physical Art Journal pages can help you get a feel for the type of look you might want to emulate. I don't want to influence your style, but eye candy always helps to inspire us and give us new ideas. Here is a list of my most favourite inspiration pit stops that are all so very different!

Some tips to think about when Art Journaling...

  • Consider your mood and the message you want to communicate. Choose colours accordingly, the right colour combination can speak of great emotion and really help to tell your story.
  • Are you wanting to portray Calm or Chaos/Anger? The complexity of your page can speak volumes, but sometimes less is more!
  • They say a picture can tell a thousand stories. In Art Journaling symbolism can do the same, try using a focal element or symbol to theme your page and help tell your story.
  • The natural place to start with Art Journalling techniques is to layer paint on your paper to create texture and interest, experiment with colour and blend modes.
  • Try and use elements as you've never used them before. E.g. Try using Washi/Paper tape to create borders, or make other elements out of layers of tape like frames or a house or sun beams.
  • Experiment with white space on your page, and create a focal point with colourful or moody splats of paint or ink, try blending them into each other to create interesting effects.
  • Don't over think things, i know it's easier said than done but remember there are no rules with Art Journaling and if you go into it with that approach your more likely to be open to experimentation and 'going with the flow' kinda thing!

I hope these tips will encourage you to have a little play and experiment. Li Li volunteered to make an Art Journal Page to be featured in this post and I asked her to share with us her creative thought processes, here is her inspiration and I've listed what she had to say in bullet points so you can follow them as prompts if needed . .  

Digital Art Journal Page using products by Captivated Visions

  • I was inspired to create an image for the front page of my first photo book that I am putting together for print. It will be filled with all my personal art journaling pages. Most of my pages tell a personal story of my life, things that have happened, my dreams, all the rejections I have faced, and all of the good moments. It will tell the story of my past, the present and my future so the front page needed to be something that symbolised the feeling of a life journey.
  • When I create I normally start out with a photo. The right photo inspires me to see the beauty in life, It helps me appreciate life and makes me want to create!
  • My original plans were for the photo to have a vintage look on my page, but as you can see it didn't turn out that way!! I decided to add a modern touch to my page instead by incorporating a photo of a skyline against the blue paper which is my sky.
  • My page was created as a result of using lots of overlays from different collections and lots of blending with different brushes and paint. I created the grungy texture at the bottom of the page to make it look as if the bicycle is really on the road and I blended paints and overlays with hints of greens to give the illusion of of grasses by the road.
  • I experimented a lot with blending modes on my layers and used the hard light mode a lot and experimented with the opacity settings on each layer until everything blended together, I wanted to achieve a cohesive painted look.
  • The border was the last thing that I added, I achieved this look by using an edge overlay and clipping a pinkish coloured paper to it to contrast with the blue sky.
  • I wanted this page to look as natural as possible, the key take aways for my page were plenty of blending, choosing the 'right' colours for my overlays and accent colours for my paint.

Wow . . Li Li will most definately have the most stunning printed art journal!! I'm so grateful to her that she shared her thought processes with you, I love to get inside the mind of a creative don't you?!

Don't hesitate to leave your comments or ask any questions that you might have!