Keeping sensitive journaling private online

This article covers tips about how you can keep your journaling private when the content is sensitive but you still want to share your page online.

My Real Life Journal is my 'go to' place when I want to express my private feelings, I know that this is a safe place for me to say or draw whatever I want with no rules or restrictions because nobody else is going to see it. But if you only create digitally, and still want to share your pages online, you might be wondering how to disguise those private or dark stories if you don't want everyone to read the finer details. Here are some tips . .
  1. Place intentional splatters over parts of the journaling to make it difficult to read, or to hide certain words or sentences
  2. Disguise text in whole or part with intentional element or scribble placements
  3. Distress the text so that it's harder to read. This can be done in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements with a brush on clear mode, or using your eraser tool with a brush selected. Experiment with opacity settings and different types of brushes.
  4. Reduce the opacity of the text or blend it into your background
  5. Journal Behind areas where elements have been clustered
  6. Clip journaling to a mask or shape smaller than your block of journaling so only part of it is left visible
  7. Place journaling behind overlays or brush work
  8. Journal inside a text path that is not fully visible on your page
  I asked Captivating Sista Yolanda to create a page that covers some of these techniques. Yolanda used large overlays and brushes to cover the majority of her canvas, she chose to place her journaling behind these overlays and paint and also used a distressed font. Had she have scrapped her page more 'cleanly' and used a sharper font her story would be easier to read. She created with intention so that she could share her page online.

Digital Scrapbook Art Journal Page by Yolanda using supplies by Captivated Visions

I remember creating this page and it being real therapeautic, but I didn't want everyone to be able to read all of my journaling when I posted it online. I know what the journaling says and so I intentionally clipped my journaling to a shape so that only part of it was visible. I also placed text next to my actual journaling that was a repeating quote in another colour font blended into a mask/paint. This just added extra texture and added more complexity to reading the words I guess.

Digital Scrapbook Art Journal Page by Captivated Visions

I hope the tips and visual inspiration give you some different ideas. As always I love to hear from you, leave your thoughts or questions in the comments!