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Captivating Sista Eszter has a Tutorial/Walk-Through for creating a blended style layout with a photo!

A Blended Layout Walk-Through with Eszter

It’s always so much fun to play with blending modes when I create a page. I usually use this technique for background papers, overlays or my photos. There are so many choices to play with and lots of information on the internet. Today I'll show you my favourites and walk you through my creative process of an actual layout. I'm going to be working with Rachel's It's My Journey Value Bundle

1. First I’ve chosen a background paper, which I liked very much.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 1

2. The colours of the paper were a little too bright for the finished layout I had in mind, so I’ve chosen another paper to add to my page. This is showing in the uppermost layer in the layers window.

I’ve set the blending mode on this new paper to 'Lighter Colour' with 100% Opacity. My tweaked paper is now lighter and a little shabbier. The new lighter areas on my tweaked paper are as a result of the blending mode applied and areas of the upper paper where there were originally light colors.

The Lighter Colour mode chooses the highest channel values from both the base paper and new paper to create the resulting new colour.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 2

3. I'm now satisfied with the tweaked background, so I added my photo as the next layer. I chose a photo with a light or white colour background and this is showing as the next layer in the layers window. This photo was taken on Thasos in 2005 and I love its atmosphere.

I’ve chosen to apply a 'multiply' blending mode to my photo, because I wanted a darker result to the original colours on the background paper once the photo is blended.

When multiplying any color with black you'll produce a black result and when multiplying any color with white it will leave the colour unchanged. As you can see from the photo layer in the layers window, there is lot of white area on the background of my photo and on the final image the colours of the background papers are unchanged but the dark area of the photo, the boat in this case remains dark.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 3

4. I feel that at this point the bottom of my page is too empty, so I’ve added an edge overlay from the Overlay pack in the bundle. I applied a 'Soft Light' blend mode with 100% Opacity.

The Soft Light blending mode darkens or lightens the resulting color, depending on the colour of the layer you're working with. Try experimenting with the placement of the layers too. If the layer of the overlay was put above the photo layer, the result would be lighter.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 4

5. I always love to embellish my pages with text overlays, so I’ve put one onto the middle of the page with a 'Colour Burn' blend mode with 62% Opacity. I used a text Brush from Rachel's Mish Mash: Stamp Stash 08.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 5

6. Then I’ve added some decorative and themed stamps from the Elements & Ephemera pack onto the page using the 'Linear Burn' blending mode.

The Linear Burn blending mode darkens the base color to reflect the blended color by decreasing the brightness. I’ve played with the Opacity levels as well. The airplane brush has the Opacity set to 100%, but the balloon opacity is 25%, so the result was much brighter. Blending a dark layer with white whilst using Linear Burn produces no change.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 6

7. One of my favourite blending modes is the Divide option (found in CS5+), which divides the blend color from the base color. If you use black, it will be white. I’ve added the ’dream’ wordart to my page which was originally almost black and used the Divide blending mode, but I didn’t want it to be completely white, so I’ve decreased the Opacity to 66%.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 7

8. Finally I’ve added a brush to my page from Rachel's Another Man's Treasure Stamps and Brushes Pack and used the Colour Dodge' blending mode.

Color Dodge brightens the base color to reflect the blend color by decreasing contrast between the two. Blending with black produces no change using this setting.

Blended Style Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Image 8

Finally, I've added some elements, word art and a border and my page is done!

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Eszter using Supplies by Captivated Visions

Have fun creating with the tutorial, I hope it might inspire you to experiment with the blending modes and have some fun. Don't hesitate to leave us a comment or ask any questions, we can't wait to see your creations!