Layouts Deconstructed | Mixed Media Examples

I have some composition tips when working with Mixed Media Backgrounds, and I want to share with you my personal approach of tackling an artsy page from scratch.

In the working with ready made Mixed Media Backgrounds post I mentioned your approach to composing your page will depend on the style of paper you're creating with and how complex it is. The overall design and painted areas of the papers (or lack of painted areas) might determine where you decide to place various parts of your page. This is where I always start, I analyse the paper in such a way that my layout almost creates itself.  

I'll show you what I mean and walk through some of my thought processes from two of my completed layouts . .

In the first example the first thing I noticed was the long cascade of green paint. I had a vision of something being positioned right above this. I first positioned that cute little stamp and the wings, and then arranged a cluster of stamps and elements behind.

On the right hand side, I took advantage of the horizontal line that was part of the paper design. I knew this would make a great spot to journal or add a title. I went with a 'less is more' approach with this page but further accented my page with stamps and spritzed borders.

In the second example, I could see the area adjacent to the muted butterfly which was encased by two splashes of yellow paint. I knew that I wanted to scrap in this area and spread my design accross the page.

I started by adding a stamped overlay from the Kit, which gave me fun circular gaps to work inside of. I continued to build texture and interest with various stamps, and added more splashes of colour to finish my page.

I know that starting a page from scratch is daunting. I really enjoy the creative process of diving into the papers and elements of a Kit that I'm working with and analyse opportunities with the papers or pieces to help me start building a structure to create on top of!

I know it's a quirky way of working, but I really wanted to share it with you in the hope that it might give you the confidence to dabble with the supplies you own, maybe it will help you to compose your own pages too.

I'd love to hear from you, let me know how you get on in the comments.