Tips for story telling

I've been thinking about different written journaling styles that I've used on my pages in the past and how (and why) they have helped me to get my thoughts out of my head, and onto the paper.

I know that when some of you think about written journaling you automatically feel overwhelmed about writing big blocks of perfect text. Especially if you are sitting down to make an art journal page, you might not want it to be text heavy yet you still want to capture the right words to help tell your story but how?

Here are six fun tips, they work for me because they are a more casual approach to getting your thoughts onto paper, this way my creativity doesn't get blocked with fear of being the perfect storyteller!

  1. Keywords - A string of strong descriptive keywords can speak volumes, especially when describing yourself, others or your emotions.
  2. Hashtags - If you use Twitter (you can find me on Twitter here) you might be familiar with Hashtags. A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol # and is another fun (and currently trendy) way of representing words or titles on your pages.
  3. Lists - This is a real fun way of documenting the here and now. There are oodles of ideas for list layouts, Bucket Lists, Wish Lists, Top Ten or Top Five etc. Currently I am . . . etc. etc.
  4. Quotes - Using quotes is a fantastic way to communicate when art journaling or scrapbooking, especially if your page is very personal to you and you don't want to write the finer details yet you want to evoke emotion.
  5. Song Lyrics - Similar to using quotes to tell your story maybe there are some words from a favourite song that tell your story beautifully, don't be afraid to use them!
  6. Letters - Have you ever tried journaling in the form of writing a letter or a note that is intended for someone, past or present? It can be really therapeutic and a great way of 'letting go'.

I asked Captivating Sistas Loni and Carrie to create new pages that feature some of the tips above as examples for you.

Captivating Sista Loni chose very fitting song Lyrics to help journal and Title her page to accent that super cute blended photo! I also love how the design of her page is so free aswell, the playful placement and abstract feel of all the paint and accents is a delight for the eye!

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Loni using supplies by Captivated Visions

Captivating Sista Carrie created a page about herself with a strong message/self reminder. The bold statement at the bottom is from Song Lyrics and the Keywords at the top really tell us who she is and what she's proud of being! I adore how she used different fonts for the two groups of text and how she split them with the vertical stitching!

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Carrie using supplies by Captivated Visions

I took a gander through the Captivating Sistas Gallery and found these other examples for you . . .

Captivating Sista Roxana captures her current favourite items she is reading, learning and loving! How awesome?!

Digital Scrapbook Page by Roxana using supplies by Captivated Visions

Special Guest Jaimie created this beautiful page with a Quote to communicate how she was feeling, the paper leaves with buds at the top and butterflies make me think about growth and hope, very cleverly done.

Digital Scrapbook Page by Jaimie using supplies by Captivated Visions

I love this bold statement by Captivating Sista Lita, the song lyrics she chose totally fit with the theme of the kit enabling her to create this affirmation. Gorgeous!

Digital Scrapbook Page by Lita using supplies by Captivated Visions

Captivating Sista Erin wrote a letter to her self, a very emotive page.

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Erin using supplies by Captivated Visions

I hope the tips and visual inspiration gave you some different ideas and courage about how to add journaling to your pages. Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts or questions in the comments!