Add a touch of artsy

Here are a handful of ideas for simple ways you can edit photos and add a touch of ‘artsy’ by using tools such as brushes, marks and splatters in different ways.

I used the same scrapbook page and applied each easy technique to my photo to show you the effects. Technically my page was already fairly artsy but I cleaned up the photo that I originally used in order to show you the tips below ;)

If you happen to have a particularly clean looking page, the below are fun easy things you can do if you want to jazz it up a little bit!

Here is my page before . .

1) Make a photo crop look artsy by stamping a brush over the top of your photo crop and using it as a clipping mask (so that the brush extends outside of your original photo crop edges ) then duplicate your photo. Clip the duplicated photo to the brush so that it spills out over your original cropped photo and onto the canvas. This works well with a photo that has been cropped and that has more visual content on the side of the photograph where your brush spills over your original photo crop.

I simply added a stamp of gesso over the bottom area of my photo crop, i duplicated it a few times and then merged the duplicated layers together with the original gesso stamp to make it more solid, then clipped my uncropped photo to it, this created a fun grungy look to the bottom of the photo and you can see it has extended the chest area of my photo but it doesn’t have a clean cropped line at the bottom like it does at the top.

I used a Gesso stamp from You Are Unstoppable.

2) Add painterly stamps to photo edges, simply clip them to your photo, rotate them as necessary.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, I re-sized and used transparent 12x12 overlays and rotated them, I chose not to add one to the top as it looked as though I had weird combat paint on! I clipped them to three sides and like how it gives an inked edge feel to the photo.

I used Overlays from my Artistry #01 Collection.

3) Add circular or square stamps to draw attention to focal points in a photo.

Again, nothing complicated needed with this one, i chose a circle to contrast with my square crop and seeing as my page is about self belief I wanted to highlight my face/eyes. I chose to re-colour a circle doodle so it was visible yet not over empowering in black.

I used a doodle from my Blueberry Blush Element Pack.

4) Draw attention to photos by using marks, doodles and splatters as an accent design on your page. (my fave!)

I got creative and added a whole much of scribbles and marks etc behind my photo from my Collect Moments Signature Collection.

5) Using a paper as a photo overlay is so much fun especially if the paper is highly textured or includes marks etc. I love to experiment with my Mixed Media Papers in this way.

I chose paper three from my BubbleGum Pop Collection and clipped it to my photo and changed the blend mode to colour burn, it grunted my photo a touch and the grid paper texture shows through a little. The blend modes will work differently for you maybe depending on your photo and it’s original colours etc. so be brave and just go through all the options to see what you like best. I also decided to add paper number five which is mostly white on a darken mode that picked out the darker stamp marks, text and splatters in the paper.

Have fun trying out new things!

Watch out for a post soon from Ona and the Captivating Sistas about Black and White Photos!