How to recolour digital scrapbook papers

Ona is back again with another fabulous tutorial!


All products are from Captivated Visions at Scrapbook Graphics - PSE10 is used for this tutorial, other versions are suitable - optional mask work may be included. Suitable for Photoshop as well.

We are staying with Rachel’s gorgeous papers for this tutorial :)

One of the things I do a lot is re-colour a paper to suit my photo. There are many ways of doing this. You select different parts of the paper and use the Adjust Colour/Saturation tool or the Replace Colour option for starters. In Photoshop there would be more options again.

For this tutorial I wanted to keep it nice and easy and FUN!!

This is the photo I wanted to use in my page, (Photo was changed in Lightroom).

I started with original paper on the left as I liked the splashy paint effect but the orange/yellow colours were not suitable (Patterned Paper #04 from Yes You Can) for what I wanted.

The paper on the right is what I ended up with after I recoloured it, using the colours from the photo.

Let’s begin !

Step 1: Place your chosen paper in a new PSE file. Add a new blank layer above it.

Step 2: Clip the new (blank) layer to the paper layer underneath it - see example below.

Step 3: Change the blend mode on the blank layer to Colour

Now the fun bit!

Step 4: Working on the blank layer use a variety of brushes in different colours to ‘paint’ on the layer. I added my photo at this stage and changed the blend mode on it to Multiply. I then used the Eyedropper Tool to select different colours from my photo to 'paint' with.

Using the Colour blend mode allows you to paint colour over various parts of the paper underneath. Only the colour will be visible.

It’s all about playing and experimenting. If you end up with one big mess that you don’t like then delete the layer and start again.

Step 5: I like the final effect but it is a bit too dark around the face - see below.

So I duplicated the paint layer and changed the blend mode to Screen. Using a light blue brush I then painted over the face until I was happy with the result.

This is what my photo is looking like now with the added paint layer as well.

I used Rachel’s Mish Mash: StampBrushes 08, 09 and 11 to ‘paint’ with by the way.

That’s it!

From here I scrapped my page using the Yes You Can kit and a variety of brushes!

You can use this technique on photos as well, I especially like doing this on black and white photos, adding back some colour here and there.

This is an example of a black and white photo I painted using this technique.

Don’t be afraid to add extra paint layers and play around with the blending modes for each one to see what works. That is what I did for the photo example above.

Of course you can also apply a mask to some layers and paint out the effects that are not needed.

So get your 'paint brushes' and go and create! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

till next time, Ona xx

Inspiration from Captivating Sista Ellen who recoloured the background paper from You are Strong from the green to orange, to match her shirt and also recoloured most of the overlays that she used from Your Are Strong to accent her page.

Layout by Captivating Sista Li Li who edited her photo to black and white and used the techniques to creatively colour it. She experimented with the Linear Light blending mode.