How to use templates to blend embellishments

Hi everyone!

This tutorial is all about using various template pieces from different templates to create a page............ with NO paper! Yep, no background papers, no papers at all. All the pages shown here have been created using simply templates + elements/ephemera/overlays/stamps etc.

It really is a fun thing to do as you need to think of how various types of elements or ephemera can be used to create your background, rather than using a background paper. Could be a bit challenging but I know you are up for it!

This is my finished page:


Credits: Artified templates: Incomplete, Artistry, Faboosh, Complicated, In Love | Kits:  Yes You Can | She Wears Wings Collection | You are Beautiful | Walk Away | Collect Moments | Dreamer Elements

Here are the steps I used to create my page.

1 SELECT YOUR TEMPLATE PIECES - now as you know Rachel has some fabulous templates and I am in love with her Artified range. What I did here was to look through all the Artified PNG files and then just picked out the ones I liked.

2 POSITION YOUR TEMPLATE PIECES - I moved mine around into a formation that I liked, remembering that this is not 'set in stone' and if you want to move a piece later on then you can.

My page, with just the templates I started out with appears below, note that I have used a white background and have recoloured one of the templates on the left hand side.  HOWEVER, I did not recolour until later on in the process so just start off as they are and you can decide if you want to recolour them later.


The templates on this page are all from the Artified range and include: Incomplete, Artistry, Faboosh, Complicated

3 SELECT THE ELEMENTS/EPHEMERA - start looking at the elements you want to use to clip to your templates. I took the opportunity to go and pick some of my most favourite elements/ephemera and just moved them onto the screen. Don't forget Rachel's many overlays and stamps, they are also ideal for clipping to a template!

I used the Journal Card from Yes You Can; the little girl postage stamp from She Wears Wings Collection, the woman's face from You are Beautiful and the butterfly from the Walk Away kit.


4 BEGIN CLIPPING ELEMENTS TO TEMPLATE PIECES - now start playing with clipping the elements to the various template pieces. If you don't like the results grab another element, you will find as you start to move things around that some thoughts are now coming to you on how you would like your page to look when it is finished.

On my page:

The ideas for my page started to fall into place when I saw the ladies face and then the younger girl, it seemed like the lady could have been thinking of something in her youth, perhaps some sort of sadness that she could have been carrying around with her for years.

  1. I clipped the ladies face to a template piece in the centre of the page and changed the colour of the template mask to white and changed the blend mode of that layer to Colour Burn at 100% opacity.

  2. I changed the little girl stamp to black and white and then played with the Threshold to get a really strong contrast. I changed the blend mode to Multipy, 100% opacity, then applied a mask and took out some of the bits I didn't want.

  3. Next I clipped the journal card to the mask on the right hand side of the page. I enlarged the journal card to fit the template, then duplicated the journal card and used Screen mode at 66% opacity. This just lightened the overall background effect.

  4. I also clipped the same card to the template with round circles in the top left hand corner and as before I duplicated the card layer and changed the mode to Colour Burn at 100% to just darken it a bit more

  5. This is when I changed the colour of the template on the left, selecting a light blue from the right hand side of the page. I created a mask and just masked out some bits to blend it more into the side of the ladies face.

5 START ADDING SOME OTHER ELEMENTS - now you can bring in some other elements or stamps etc. have fun playing with the blend modes to see what different effects you can get.

On my page:

For the little girl I added an element from the Collect Moments kit, a soft overlay of bokeh type circles and clipped it to the little girl, changing them to Colour Mode, and then duplicated it as well. I like how I ended up with just some spots on colours. I clipped it to the ladies hair as well and again used Colour Mode.


6 NEED MORE TEMPLATE PIECES/ELEMENTS?  - keep adding to your page if you need to,  but do stop to make sure that your main focus of the page isn't getting too cluttered and 'busy.

On my page:

  1. I used the element from the previous step and positioned it in middle at the bottom of the page, changed the mode to Colour Burn, duplicated it and changed the blend mode on that layer to Linear Burn.

  2. At this stage I added another template layer Artified In Love above the white background layer and clipped the journal card to it, enlarging it to fill the page. Using a mask I just hid parts of it but left it more visible behind the ladies face to give it a bit more definition. I duplicated the journal card layer and changed the top layer to Overlay mode.

  3. On the left hand side of the wordart I placed some wordart from the Walk Away kit, I rotated it to a vertical position and then recoloured it a soft grey to blend into the background more.

  4. From here I added some more text, some stamps and the scribble and then finished off with the butterfly to which I clipped the journal card, again I duplicated the journal card layer and top layer to Soft Light.

7 IS IT FINISHED? - take another look at your page, are you finished? are you happy with it? take a break and walk away for a little bit and then come back with a fresh pair of eyes.

Look at these fabulous samples from the Captivating Sistas.



Credits: Dreamer Splatters | Hope Shines Bright-Elements and Ephemera | It's My Journey - Elements and Ephemera | Artful Intentions - Papillon Place - Elements and Ephemera | Saffron - Elements and Ephemera | Simply Gunge | Bubblegum Pop - Stamp | Artified In Love - Layered Template



CreditsArtified: This Is ItArtified: Decade Of Digital [Layered Template]Another Man's Treasure [Value Bundle]You Are Worth It [Mixed Media Kit]



Credits:  You are Strong [Value Bundle]Artified: Decade of Digital [Layered Template] 



CreditsArtified: Cotton Candy [Layered Template] | Journal Your Heart Out JC | She Wear Wings Ephemera | She Wear Wings Artsy Stamps | Dreamer grab bag | Bubblegum Pop Embellishments

Really hope that you will have a go at trying this!

till next time

Ona xx