Playing with edge overlays | Stretching your stash

Playing with Edge Overlays - Stretching your Stash!

Rachel has some fabulous edgy overlays that can be used to finish of a page brilliantly! Today we are just going to have a look at them and see how we can change them up a bit to stretch our Captivated Visions stash just that little bit more! :)

So how can we use these edge overlays? As well as a border for your layout, think about using them in other ways such as a frame for a photo or an element; using a part of of it as an underscore for a title etc. Once you start thinking outside the box you will no doubt come up with a lot of other creative ways to use them.

This is a page of some examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Let's have a look at each example a bit more closely.

Example 1: Cutout

In this example I used an edge overlay from Rachel's MISH MASH | EDGY STASH 02 to 'cut out' its shape from a paper in the Celeste - Mixed Media kit.

  1. Position edge overlay on top of paper layer

  2. In the layers palette Ctrl click on edge overlay to select the shape (this will put 'marching ants' around it)

  3. On paper layer press the delete key.

  4. Turn off edge border layer to see the cut out.

  5. Apply shadow (shadow colour can be changed)

Example 2: Rectangular Frame

For example two, I used MISH MASH | EDGY STASH 01 to cut out two corners to make a rectangle for a photo.

  1. Open an edge overlay

  2. Using the Marquee Rectangular selection tool, cut out a corner and paste into new layer

  3. Cut out another corner and paste to another layer

  4. Re-position cut outs to form a frame - frame can be recoloured or paper clipped to it

Example 3: Circular Frame

Example three shows how a circular frame can be created, I used MISH MASH | EDGY STASH 01 and  MISH MASH | EDGY STASH 02

  1. Create a circle using Edit>Stroke Outline Selection, give it a largish border, mine is 50 pixels

  2. Cut various parts of the edge borders and clip to circle

  3. For last cut I did not clip but used a mask to make it ‘fit’ to the circle shape

Example 4: Accentuate Text

You can utilise edge overlays to accentuate text titles as well............ have a play! I used the Spritz overlay from Artful Intentions: Sunshine In My Soul kit.

  1. Type your heading - use a large dramatic font

  2. Open an edge overlay and cut a piece to sit at the bottom of the text as shown

  3. I clipped paper to mine but you could change the colour as well if you wanted to. I clipped a second layer of paper and changed it to Colour Burn mode to give it more depth.

Example 5: Layout Border

And lastly you can use them in the traditional way to jazz up your page and add some for interest. I used one of the overlays from MISH MASH | EDGY STASH 01.

  1. Move edge overlay onto new layer.

  2. Depending on the effect you are after you can leave as is or clip papers to it as I have done here.  I also added a narrow shadow in a purple colour to give the border more depth.

I am really hoping that I have given you all some ideas on how to use Rachel's edgy overlays in other ways! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here is my finished page!

Inspiration from Captivating Sista Loni who experimented with Example 1: Cutout, Example 2: Rectangular Frame (where she cut the edgers apart & flipped them around so that the straight edge of the frames were on the inside instead) and Example 5: Layout Border.

Inspiration from Captivating Sista Eszter who experimented with Example 1: Cutout (but went a step further and used layer masks which are editable to achieve her desired look) and Example 5: Layout Border.

Inspiration from Captivating Sista Jaimie who experimented with Example 2: Rectangular Frame which she used around her journaling and Example 5: Layout Border.

Till next time

Ona xxx