Playing with Templates - Customisation Tips

Hi there everyone, Ona here again!

In this tutorial I want to show you some tips on how to use and/or modify a template to suit your idea on how you want your page to look.

When I have no mojo I grab a template and that helps me to get started on a page. Nine times out of ten I end up changing the template to suit my needs. Remember you can do anything you like with a template! You can move layers around, merge layers, use a mask to mask out a part of a layer, rotate a layer, flip a layer............ really there are endless ways in which you can make the template your own!

There are so many templates out there in digi land, templates for traditional scrap pages, photo albums, cluster work and lots of others. As you may have gathered by now,  I love to blend so my first 'go to' when I am looking for a template to use are the Artified series of templates by Rachel. These are super fabulous for blending papers and photos and anything else you want to make your own unique and original page.

In 2012 I went overseas and I am still scrapping the thousands of photos that I took! I have been wanting to get a few pages done for my album so I picked a couple of photos that I wanted to scrap. I really love the latest Artified template from Rachel called Incomplete.

These are the photos and this is the template.

This is my finished page.

It sort of looks like the template, but it doesn't? So what did I do to make it look different?

Here are the steps I used to create this page:

  1. I opened a new PSD file and then I opened the Artified: Incomplete template PSD file.

  2. I normally select all the layers in the template and then holding down the SHIFT key I drag all the template layers into my new document. I use SHIFT to centre all the layers. I do this so I don't accidently lose the original template by saving over it with my layout - I speak from experience. LOL.

  3. I then rotated the template by using Image>Rotate 90 degrees to the right option to rotate all the layers - I wanted to use the Background photo in a landscape orientation which is why I rotated the template. So my template is now looking like this.

  4. I decided that I wanted my background photo to be clipped to two different template layers, the easiest way to do this is to merge the two template layers (Ctrl + E) before clipping the photo to it.

  5. I had already worked on my photo to turn it into a sketch like picture so all I did then was clip it to the merged template layers  - shown below. Notice that part of the mask is still showing at the top, you can either use your delete tool or mask it out or simply leave it as I did, when I added the background paper it disappeared.

  6. Next I clipped my other photo of the man dressed as a knight to the mask behind the photo frame - then I linked these layers together and moved it over to cover the tourist person I had inadvertently caught when I photographed the background photo.

  7. From here I selected a background paper.  I wanted to keep it fairly 'clean' so I went with a paper from Rachel's In My World | Dreamy Watercolour Papers - you may need to play around with different papers until you find one that suits your page.

  8. Then I just added another contrasting paper from the same papers above, and clipped it to the other layers to add some interest.

    TIP: On some of the template layers I added a mask and brushed away bits and pieces of the template that I didn't want.

  9. Finally I created of copy of the smaller photo mask and moved it to the top right hand side of my page. I then used my text tool to just type random words, and changed some of the words to a larger font size and then clipped it the mask.

  10. I added the In My World wordart title to finish the page off.

All done! I hope i've given you some ideas on how to change up your templates and really make them your own and that you have some fun trying this out!

Till next time!

Ona xx