Trends: Geometrics - Triangles

I thought it would be fun to discuss trends in Art Journaling and Artsy Scrapbooking and I've seen so much inspiration on Pinterest using Triangles.

Geometrics seem to have been trending for a long time now and I've seen lots of art online and stencils in the stores that make use of cubes, circles, and other geometrics but triangles really stand out to me and I see them being used over and over. They look bang on trend so I've linked you to a few images from my Pinterest board that I hope might inspire you to get creating and give you ideas on how you can incorporate triangles into your artsy pages and art journaling.

Inspiration can be found within how triangles have been used to accent photos or support the overall composition of the piece, draw attention to focal points, become photo crops or used as part of an intricate design. Visit my board to find more inspiration!

I've picked out a few products from my shop that use triangles as stamps or elements that you can use to experiment with, and i've set up a special coupon that's valid for the rest of the month to discount them by 20%, please note that all coupons will be disabled during any storewide sales. To save 20% use code: trendgeometrics

Have fun and look out for a post by Ona and the Captivating Sistas soon using triangles :)