Using the diffuse glow filter

Hello everyone! I have had some requests from people wanting to know more about using the Filter effects found in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. There certainly are a lot and whilst I won't be able to cover all of them I will certainly be taking a look at those that can be used to give our layouts that extra creative flair. I thought I would discuss the Diffuse Glow filter effect for this tutorial.

The Diffuse Glow filter can be found in the Distort category under the Filters menu.

I do use this filter occassionally, especially when I want to give a photo a dreamy sort of effect. Think about those Hollywood glamour type photos of yesteryear, the ones that all seemed to have a sort of magical glow about them.

An important thing to remember when using filters in general is to make sure that the Foreground and Background colours are at the default settings ie. Black/White.

Once inside the Diffuse Glow filter you will find some control sliders for the level of grain, glow and clear amounts you want. The Clear slider controls how much of the image will remain clear while the glow slider can be used to control the amount of glow/luminosity required. The amount of grain can also be controlled. Just remember that the controls you use on one photo may not work on another. Using these controls can give you a range of creative effects, not only on photos but other things such as papers, elements and even finished layouts. 

Let's look at some examples:

Example 1 - Butterfly Element (Create, Captivate & Inspire)

Use the Diffuse Glow to give elements a magical, ghostly effect. Have some fun trying it out on different elements to see what effects you can come up with!


Diffuse glow

Example 2 - Paper (Celeste kit)

Experiment with different papers as well, and of course don't forget those blend modes! Using the Diffuse Glow on a paper will soften it without desaturating the colour too much.

Diffuse Glow

Example 3 - Photo

Using the Diffuse Glow filter on different photos will certainly give you different results - again, experiment and have some fun! In this example I pushed the Grain level way up as I wanted a more textured look.

Diffuse Glow

Example 4 - Finished layout

On the layout I created for this tutorial I ended up creating a merged (Stamp Visible) layer at the top of my layer palette and then proceeded to apply the Diffuse Glow to it to see what results I could get.

But hey, guess what, I didn't change my Foreground/Background colours back to the default of Black/White, instead I used White/White and guess what again? I really liked this result! I changed the Blend Mode to Overlay and lowered the Opacity to around 40% which just brightened up my page a bit and brightened the colours up as well.

So as you can see, its important to play around and make 'mistakes' as that is how you learn and can come up with some striking results! I liked how the filter gave the page some 'pop'.

diffuse glow

Here is my finished page:

diffuse glow

Credits: Dreamer Elements | Dreamer Mixed Media Papers | Dreamer Shabby Solids  | Dreamer Splatters | Yes You Can | You Are Beautiful | You Are Strong | Create, Captivate & INSPIRE: Signature Collection | Walk Away 

Here is an example page by Captivating Sista Brigitta:

diffuse glow

Credits: This Fabulous Life [Value Bundle] | Captivating 2012: [Overlays 2]

I really hope that you will have a play with this particular filter!/p>

till next time

Ona xxx