Working with Triangle Shapes

Hello everyone, Ona here with another fun tutorial for you. I am following on from the latest article that Rachel wrote on her blog, in which she discussed using geometrical shapes in creating layouts. As Rachel mentioned, triangles are especially popular at the moment so I thought we would go through the process of creating a triangle in PSE11 and looking at ways of using triangular shapes in a layout.

There are different ways of creating shapes in most programs, the method I will show you today involves using the Grid view option in PSE - you would be able to do this in PS as well.

Creating a Triangle Shape in PSE11

Step 1: First we need to check our grid lines and set them to 2" spacings.

Step 2: Go to Edit>Preferences and select the Guides and Gridlines option

Step 3: The following dialogue box will appear.


Step 4: Change the settings to 2 inches as shown in the above in red - you don't need to worry about anything else, then click OK.

Step 5: Next open up a new file, 300dpi with a transparent background > Add a new layer and fill it with white

Step 6: Turn the grid lines on by going to View>Grid ( You can also use the Snap to Grid option to  help make those squares and triangles perfect without much time.)


You should now see the grid pattern over the white page.

Step 7: Use the Rectangular Marquee Selection tool to draw a square, using the grid points to keep it straight and squared. Add a new layer then use ALT+Backspace to fill the selected area with black. Note: Make sure that Foreground = Black, Background = White, press the letter D to return it to this default setting quickly if you have been using other colours.


Step 8:  Use the Polygonal Lasso tool to draw a triangle shape within the square, you will end up with the marching ants (I have outlined it in red for you as well).


Step 9: While the 'marching ants' are still active, press CTRL + J, this copy your selection to a new layer. Your layers will now look like this.


Note: You can draw any type of triangle shape, you don't need to use the equal sided one that I have used here.

Step 10: If you want more triangle shapes, go back to the square grid, deselect the last shape (Press Esc. or Ctrl+D) and follow Steps 8 & 9 again. When finished you can then delete the square grid layer and turn off the grid view if you wish.

Using a Triangle Shape

At this point you are ready to use the shape you just created.

Triangle shapes lend themselves to a variety of uses including: using them as a mask, creating a brush with them, using them as a 'stencil' to cut out papers etc. You can distress them by using distress brushs etc. If you want to keep a shape once you have finished working on it remember to save it as a PNG file.

For my page below I have used three main triangle shapes as masks ; two to mask parts of the photo to add some interest and the other one to clip a paper to it.

Credits: Artful Intentions: Sunshine In My Soul | Artified: In Love | Captivating 2012: OCT [Kit] | Captivating 2012: DEC [Mixed Media Kit]

| Collect Moments kit  | I Became Someone Else Bundle

Let me take you through what I did:

Screenshot 1 below: I used paper from Captivating 2012: DEC [Mixed Media Kit];  a PNG file from Artified: In Love template to which I clipped my photo.

Screenshot 2 below: I duplicated the triangle shape twice and positioned the three of them around the page as shown.

Screenshot 3 below: I duplicated the photo two times and clipped them to two of the triangles, using a paper from Captivating 2012: DEC [Mixed Media Kit]  I clipped it to the third traingle shape and changed the triangle shape mask blend mode to Luminosity (this step took the colour out of the paper but kept the texture).



That is basically what I did with the triangular shapes, for the rest of my layout I went through my Captivated Visions stash and found a variety of triangle shaped stamps and elements that complimented my page.

The Captivating Sistas also had a play and look at these fabulous pages!!

Dalis: Wearing More Smiles LO

Credits: Fluent in Sarcasm [Mixed Media Kit] | Mish Mash: Colour Lovin' Stash 01 [Transparent Borders

Brigitta: I Will Not Be Stopped LO

Credits: You Are Unstoppable [Kit] | Artistry 01: Blend

Loni: Upwards Gaze LO

Credits: Bubblegum Pop: Signature Collection | Mish Mash: Edgy Stash 02 [Edgy Overlays]

So as you can see, triangle shapes can be used in a variety of ways so I hope you have a play and see what creative ideas you can come up with!

till next time

Ona xxxx