New Releases - Create, Captivate & Inspire and Mark Making Kit 01

Like me, i'm guessing you have many reasons for creating. Making precious time just for you, to document and record things that you don't want to forget, to leave positive messages to yourself or others, to create art without getting messy or just for the creative release to save your sanity. 

My releases this week tick all of those boxes, I love them because they are incredibly messy and fun. 

CREATE & CAPTIVATE are a series of kits designed to help you on your path of expressing your creativity and captivating your thoughts and feelings. 

Simply put, these products are designed to help you easily create digital art you'll love whilst captivating your dreams, stories and leaving notes to your self (or others) in a delightful visual format.

These Kits are also equally versatile enough to beautifully accent your photos for gorgeous mixed media scrapbooking layouts! This week Create, Captivate and Inspire is released. Note that this was available in my previous store as a bundle, all of the bundle parts have been included inside the Kit providing great value.

This Kit has been designed with digital art, layering and blending in mind. Most of the elements are 'transfer like' or stamps enabling you to layer, blend and collage onto the background papers. It's packed with stamps and scribbles and so much more!

I've been really busy lately and it was fun to relax and make time to create, here's a page from me.  

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Captivated Visions

And layouts by the Captivating Sistas and Sugarbabes!

Digital Scrapbook Layout using Products by Captivated Visons at Sweet Shoppe

Also 20% off this weekend is the re-release of my Mark Making Brushes Kit (which has been reduced in price since it was released the first time around).

I had so much fun making this Kit and it's so versatile and includes a whopping 65 PNG Stamps and an ABR Brush Set which can be used in Photoshop or Elements.

Two pages from me. 

Digital Scrapbook page by Captivated Visions
Digital Scrapbook page by Captivated Visions

And some pages from the Captivating Sistas using the marks.

Head to the shop for more layout inspiration!

Here is a peek of some work in progress! Loving blues and greens at the moment! These were hand painted, now i'm scanning them and editing them digitally, they are turning out really pretty and I hope to include them in a new Kit Sept 12th!

Mixed Media art by Captivated Visions

Thanks for reading!