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Last week I wrote a post about how to use the Artified series of digital scrapbooking templates. I've got another layout walk through for you this week and this one was specifically requested by Christine. 

It was created by Captivating Sista Joanne using Artified I See You and My Heart is Full.

Here is the preview of the template, kit and Joannes finished page.

Here are Joannes steps for this layout along with visuals so you can follow along with the progression:

  • Paper 4 from the kit was used as the main background paper and placed where prompted.
  • Joanne got to work straight away adding items from the kit and placed a nice script text overlay from the kit adjacent to the frame to fill up that empty space. She did this right away because she wanted this layer to appear underneath the artsy masks that she will later clip papers too, this will probably hide some of the text and let the pretty colours of the papers take precedense. She used some gesso paint from the kit to add a texture to the overlay by using the gesso paint as a clipping mask. (the textured paint was clipped to the overlay by right clicking on the paint layer and choosing create clipping mask, this clips the paint to the overlay layer below it)
  • Next Paper 2 from the kit was clipped to the first mask layer using the same steps above. Joanne actually duplicated one of the papers (just right click on the relevant layer and choose duplicate layer) and used her mouse to drag it around on her canvas until she found an appealing part of the paper to cover the mask she wanted to clip it too.

Layers in Photoshop and layout so far:

  • Next more stamps were added to the page underneath the up and coming artsy mask so that they would peek through from underneath. Joanne used the same process steps as above to clip gesso paint to her stamp.
  • She chose paper 1 to clip to the next artsy mask using the same clipping technique as described above which creates a painted blended look onto the page again and went ahead and added splatters onto her page that would peek through underneath the up and coming artsy mask.

Layers in Photoshop and layout so far:

  • Next Joanne re-coloured the bokeh overlay layer by clipping several papers to it using the same clipping techniques as described above. She used four papers in total and moved them around the canvas until the coloured parts of the papers that she liked were positioned over the bokeh overlay as she liked and when the papers are clipped it creates the illusion of a multi coloured overlay.
  • Various embellishments from the kit were added next such as stitches and hearts.
  • The next layers in the template to play with were the doodles but Joanne decided not to use them and turned off the visibility on these layers using the little eye icon in the layers window. 

Layers in Photoshop and layout so far:

  • All that's left to do now is to customise the frame if necessary, add the photo and embellish further where needed.
  • The photograph was clipped to the suggested photo mask using the clipping technique as described above and a piece of word art was added as the next layer so that it appears underneath the frame. Joanne used the clipping technique again as described above to clip a paper to another bokeh scatter layer that appears over the photo and again she used the clipping technique to add a duplicate copy of the brown background paper to her frame layer.
  • To finish her page Joanne added a few more elements and accents and her page is finished!

Here are the other layers and a reminder of her finished page!

Christine also asked for a walk through of Rae's Take the selfie page using my Artified This is it template and Enjoy the little things kit. I don't have step by step photos for you with this one but Rae was happy for me to walk you through her layout and explain how this page was put together.

Here's a preview of the template and Rae's finished page.


I thought it would be handy for you to see the layers of the template whilst I walk through the layout as we won't have progression screenshots, so to start with these are the layers that Rae had to play with.

This is a great example of a template that helps you to create complex looking pages with simple steps. As you can see the template comprises of a prompt to place your base paper, then a little paint to re-colour, the main artsy mask layer which you can clip a paper too or re-colour, some more paint and splats, doodle and a frame with a photo mask.

  • Rae chose to leave her background white and not work with a base paper, this creates a whole new look altogether and is very striking! 
  • A white colour overlay was added to the paint on the left side (double click on the layer you wish to re-colour or right click and select blending options from the menu and then select colour overlay)
  • A paper was clipped to the main large artsy mask. (the paper was clipped to the painted mask by right clicking on the paper layer and choosing create clipping mask, this clips the paint to the layer below it and the only parts of the paper that are visible are those that lie directly on top of visible parts of the painted mask)
  • The grunge layers were coloured blue using the same colour overlay steps as described above and the doodle layers were left as-is.
  • Rae made some edits to her photo before clipping it to the photo mask using the same clipping method as detailed above she also placed a flower stamp from the kit underneath the photo mask so it was peeking through the side.
  • She finished her page by adding a handful of elements and she also cut a few circle shapes from the main paper she used in her page and added them here and there with a subtle shadow. The contrast and brightness of her flattened layout was adjusted slightly when finished. (Image > Adjustments > Contrast/Brightness)

I hope these layout walk throughs have given you some new ideas to try! Stay tuned for some new releases at the weekend, I've got four brand new artified templates coming your way!

Don't hesitate to leave me a comment with any questions or break-throughs you have!