How to use the Artified Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Hiya everyone,

A Happy 2016 to you!! 

I hope you all had a great holiday season and are having a great start to this new year. We had a lovely long Christmas holiday, Simon had some extra holiday allowance to take and so finished work on December 17th. I really enjoyed the extra time that the three of us had together and we were able to travel away from home and stayed with my Mum for Christmas which was lovely :) 

I'm full of energy for this new year and excited about what opportunities Captivated Visions will create for you this year. 

I'm kicking off with some tutorials on my Artified series of templates, i've been receiving some e-mails about how to use these templates and I should have written up the tutorials sooner so they were on the top of my to do list!

Carol asked for some basic instructions which would be useful to anyone who has taken a break from creating for a while or who might be new to artsy scrapbooking or this series of templates. I think the easiest way to do this is some layout walk throughs which will show you how easy the templates are to use and what kind of effects you can achieve by using them!

Each Artified template is inspired from painted and blended layers hidden deep inside my very own Art Journal. They have evolved a little over time but typically each template includes a layer to drag your base paper, various blending masks/transfer style layers to blend a second paper or photo into your background or to recolour and various other mixed media layers like paint, splatters, doodles etc. 

You can make each creation your own by choosing whether to use the painted or blending mask layers as paint (you could leave them as-is or re-colour them) or for paper or for photos. When you make your own choices about how to use each layer you'll be able to create unique layouts time and time again with these flexible templates. 

They really are a little gem for putting together an artsy background whether you use it for just a bit of journaling, a simple photo page or by adding more complex layers and embellishments.  

If you're wondering about file formats the digital downloads include the layered templates in PSD and TIF formats aswell as individual PNG files for programmes that do not support layered files. They are also provided in .page and .sbpage file format to work with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software Versions 3.0 and 4.0. 

Using the Artified templates

In this example i used the Today is Amazing template along with You are Worth It, DreamerLove This, It Takes courage, Today is a struggle and overlays from Enjoy the little things, all by Captivated Visions.

Here is the template

And my finished page.

Here are my steps for this layout along with visuals so you can follow along with the progression:

  • I used Paper number 6 from Love This and placed it above the background paper layer.
  • I chose Paper number 2 from Today is a struggle and placed it above the first painted mask layer. I clipped it to the mask by right clicking on the paper layer and choosing create clipping mask, this clips the paper to the mask layer below it. The mask is painted and semi transparent so a lovely artsy effect is creating by doing this because the paper becomes muted and a little washed out and looks as though it's been painted onto the bottom background paper.

My layers in Photoshop and layout so far

  • The next step in my layout is a game-changer because it changes the whole look of the page. I really wanted a textured look to my page and I added my favourite paper (ever!) to the next painted clipping mask. I carried out the same steps above by creating a clipping a mask on the paper layer. I used Paper 1 from You are worth it.
  • The next three steps are super duper easy, I left the paint and first and second stamp as-is.

My layers in Photoshop and layout so far

TIP - every layer you touch in the template is an opportunity to make personal decisions. Try using the visibility toggle on each layer (the little eye) to see how your page would look with layers switch off. By eliminating a mask for e.g that you might have coloured or might have a paper clipped to could create a whole new look for your page. You could also experiment with different looks by changing the blend mode of a painted mask. To change a blend mode look inside the layers window, there is a drop down box next to the opacity box and it's defaulted to 'normal.

  • More super duper easy steps, next I left the rest of the stamps and splatters as-is and just added an additional black splatter spray from my It takes courage kit.
  • Next I used a paint layer as a clipping mask and clipped a paper to it. I also added a tall vertical transfer from my Dreamer kit to the left hand side of my page (the muted flowers) and changed the blend mode to Darken. To change a blend mode look inside the layers window, there is a drop down box next to the opacity box and it's defaulted to 'normal.

My layers in Photoshop and layout so far

  • The next couple of layers are subtle changes so you may not see them on the page but I added a couple of dreamy overlays from my Enjoy the little things collection and changed the colour of them using a Colour Overlay option. This is a fast way for me to re-colour I simply select the layer and then double click on it to bring up the Layer Style box and add a Colour Overlay. You might also notice that I have some quirky white box with black blobs in it in the layers palette, this is because i've done some erasing and I used a layer mask to do this. I'll cover this technique in another tut really soon!
  • I then started to build more design into my page with some transfers and scribbles from my It takes courage, Dreamer and Enjoy the little things kits. I've already made a mental note that I'll use the horizontal paper tape in the textured doily paper as a backdrop for my written journaling so I won't add many elements here.

My layout so far

  • Now i'm ready to add my photo which I clip to the provided layer and add my finishing touches, a text overlay, flower and leaf on top of my photo and a pretty diamonte scatter and i'm done!!

My finished page.

I hope the step by step layout deconstruction gave you some ideas and encouraged you to try a page with this series of templates. 

When I create pages like this it's all an experiment and a matter of choices depending on my mood, so don't fret too much along the way about choices that you are making with the template layers because you can change your mind afterwards. I often go back through my layers when I feel I am done and play with the visibility toggle to ensure I have the best version of the page, or the best version that suits my mood at that particular time!

For fun, i've gone back through my layout in Photoshop after writing this tut and toggled off some of the masks and what not that papers were clipped to so you can see how different effects can be achieved by making such simple changes. I literally just turned off visibility on one or two layers and these are alternate layouts . . 

I love them all!

I'll have more layout walk-throughs with the templates over the next few weeks plus that tut on layer masks / erasing!

I'd love to hear from you, don't hesitate to leave a comment or a question!

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