The evolution of a digital background

I recently shared some collage art backgrounds i'd been working on in my little escape article and mentioned that i'd share with you the evolution of them turning into digital backgrounds for my new up and coming digital scrapbook collection.

I added some watercolour, gesso and some more dimension with other mixed media to the collages and scanned them at high resolution so that I could tweak them in Photoshop. Here is one of the collages with the watercolour and other bits and bobs added without any edits.

I decided that I didn't want to work with yellow watercolour so I changed the overall base colour of the watercolour to something more neutral and earthy. I did this with a selective colour image adjustment.

Next I created an overlay from a black and white version of the original collage and played with the blending modes to adjust the contrast and shadows of the paper. I then decided on my final colour palette and added more paint and continued to experiment with the blending modes until I achieved the look I was going for. Here are some snap shots from the finished paper.

I edited all of the collages in a similar way to create a cohesive pack of digital papers and then went onto create a coordinating pack of elements, some painted papers and some lovely textured gesso stamps. Here is a peek of the finished set, this will be available at Sweet Shoppe this weekend!


I hope you found my process stages interesting and I'll see you again at the weekend when the collection is for sale.