My Little escape | Studio Art

I haven't been able to enjoy as much art time in my studio for several months now as I would have liked to and I've found that when I'm trying to create products I clam up and lose my way or 'lose my mojo' so to speak as I haven't been spreading my creative wings often enough.

Lately I've been stuck in this horrible dark place and when I'm in a rut like this it hits me so hard and I start having all sorts of doubts and insecurities about all sorts of things and it's not a good place to be.

You might have noticed that I didn't release a product this past weekend, instead I made it my mission to dedicate some time to sit in my studio and create and feel the love for art again. I'd forgotten how therapeutic painting and collage is and its given me so much renewed energy around several different areas of my business. Its even inspired me to take an online business course which has given me lots of fresh ideas which i'm excited to work on, stay connected with me to hear more about that in later posts!

For now I wanted to share with you some of the art i've been creating and I'm hoping that you'll help to keep me accountable. I'd like to share my work a few times a month and if you see me fall off the bandwagon please give me a prod!

I struck gold on Ebay a while back and purchased a very very old vintage book which was falling apart at the seams and whilst I felt sad to take it apart it was so nice to put these delicious papers to good use. I used them in the following collages along with various other yummy mediums :)

I was so inspired by these pieces that I went on to create a new digital scrapbook collection for my shop that will be available really soon. Keep an eye out for another article shortly where i'll show you how these collages evolved into digital backgrounds for the new collection along with some sneak peeks of other items that will be included!

Have you done something new lately that has fired up your creative mojo? Let me know in the comments and I'll chat to you soon!