Closing Down & Retirement Sale at Captivated Visions

Around nine years or so ago I began my journey in digital design and fell in love with the process of making Digital Scrapbooking Kits. It's been my creative outlet ever since and my way of sharing with the world my personal perspective and vision of how I see things.

Fast forward another four years or so and I started to dabble with mixed media art. I took a few classes and I began keeping a visual art journal and continued experimenting with different art supplies and techniques. I fell in love all over again and my love for art and messy play has naturally followed through into my digital design work. My interests in art journaling and mixed media culminated in my designs becoming more intimate and personal and resulted in an interesting series of product lines that crossed the boundaries of scrapbooking a little by combining scrapbooking with art.

Design has been such a huge and beneficial part of my life that I didn't ever imagine that I'd be writing a note to you today announcing my retirement from the Digital Scrapbooking Industry but personal circumstances have led me to here today.

I've found myself at a set of cross roads which are pulling me in too many directions and I've had to make the difficult decision to step away from Captivated Visions. This means that my Sweet Shoppe will soon close and my products will not be available for sale anywhere else once my shop is closed. 

Sale @ Sweet Shoppe Designs

Save a minimum of 50% on my products (with the exception of a few collaborations that are not retiring and can be found in other parts of the shop) between now and 23rd July 2017 when I'll retire and my shop closes.

This is your last chance to purchase Captivated Visions products! Look out for bundled products which were already discounted because discounts will be even steeper on those!

SALE @ Sugarhill Co

You may know that I also have some products at Sugarhill Co that are commercial use friendly for digital scrapbook designers. Save 50% on everything in my Sugarhill Co shop which will also close on July 23rd.

Note that I've brought back my NSD $5 Grab Bag which isn't included in the sale.

Some of you might know that I'm expecting our second baby in September so whilst this retirement is sad news it's bittersweet and a really special time for our family right now. We are busy making changes to our home so that Keaton can move into a 'big boy' bedroom and he'll soon be starting Pre-School so there is lots to keep us busy!

When I'm ready to return to work there are other areas of art and design that I want to pursue and I'll be posting my work over on my instagram account it would be lovely to see you there!

I'd like to extend my thanks to you for being a supporter of my designs, without you I wouldn't be where I am today and I hope that I've inspired you and helped you to document your stories and memories in a special way.

Here is a selection of scrapbooking pages from my own personal gallery that showcase some of my designs :)

Thanks for reading!